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Studies on systematics, physics and cultural history of spinning tops


This site is in German only - sorry. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. Maybe this sitemap will help you to find your way around. This site is under construction. I hope there will be more information soon.



Classification of tops

The large variety of spinning tops provoked scientists to to undertake different efforts for the systematise and classif them. A first approach to spinning top classification with a few pictures.


Some special tops, which might be of interest, are presented here:

Dice tops - some "decision making tops"

Who pays? - tops that decide who has to pay for the next drink


Tippe top

Tops in public space

   ... to be continued


Spinning top in science

Spinning tops have been subject of many very diverse areas of the science, such as history, pedagogics, philosophy, theology, linguistics, biology... And naturally it is a topic of art and music. Here at first - the page is under construction - the more peculiar areas:

Numismatics (coins) - two coins with a picture of a top on it (from Korea and Malaysia)

Philately (stamps) - some stamps from all over the world have a picture of tops or top playing children on it Europe Israel/Amerika Asia (FDC)


Very special information:


Jokes Two jokes, and the strange result of automatic translation

Schalke (a geman soccer team) In the 1930s, a special way to move the ball was called "Kreisel" (spinning top).

   ... to be continued

Literature mostly in German



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